I first discovered Pilates whilst training as a professional dancer in 1995. The strength, flexibility and ease of movement it provided, enhanced my dancing greatly. From then on I was hooked! Whilst still dancing professionally, I trained with Body Control Pilates in 2000. BC Pilates is one Europe’s leading training Providers for Pilates. All members work to the code of practice, which governs teaching standards, professional ethics & continuing education. Over the years I continue to take workshops in the UK, Europe and America to constantly expand my understanding of this wonderful method.

I am trained in matwork, beginners through to advanced level, sometimes using small equipment such as bands, balls and small weights. For studio work I also use the larger Pilates machines – the Reformer and Cadillac. These offer assistance and resistance from springs and are an excellent compliment to matwork. My clients range from dancers through to older clients. Those who are rehabilitating after injury, to healthy bodies who wish to enhance their fitness levels. After having 2 children myself, and feeling the huge benefits Pilates provided through both my pregnancies. I have a keen interest in pre and post natal Pilates.

"I have been doing Sarah’s Pilates classes for some years now and would highly recommend them to anyone. Sarah is a brilliant teacher. She models the exercises so well, and explains things clearly. She understands any difficulties which individuals may have, and adapts the exercises in a sensitive way. Pilates has helped me to maintain my flexibility and keep a good posture. I come away from the classes feeling both serene and energised!" Joyce Rothschild

"When the doctor told me I had a severe disc prolapse and would need surgery I felt very upset. He suggested that Pilates would help me. Thank goodness I found Sarah. Her Pilates classes are good fun and I seem to work hard without realizing it. She gives individual care and attention to everyone in the class, so I'm never worried about damaging my back. She is always positive, fabulous at explaining what to do and is very skilled at managing different levels of ability in one class. Her warm, encouraging approach is a real confidence boost and I feel much better, my back is improving and I've avoided surgery. Thank you Sarah." Nancy, Solihull

"I moved to Birmingham in 2000 and went through a few Pilates classes before finding Sarah Jones on the Internet. The individual attention that you get in Sarah’s class is second to none. She is a dedicated teacher and her classes are a lot of fun too. Sarah is a lovely, warm person who genuinely cares about her students and their progress I have been going to Sarah’s weekly class in Solihull for quite a few years now and I have reaped the benefits in many ways. better posture, balance, strength and flexibility. Pilates helps to build long, lean muscles and core strength so as to help avoid injury. My body awareness has improved immeasurably. I would wholly recommend Sarah Jones, as she is the best teacher I have had to date." Lizzie Tench, Birmingham

"Sarah is an excellent teacher of Pilates. She creates a relaxed atmosphere that makes learning the exercises much easier. Her demonstration of the technique is clear and detailed. Men and women of all ages will feel welcome and safe." Mark Pearson


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